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this is my box lmao

sociel medua:

reddit: u/rioritariorita

owot: bzuki(display name: dontclaim_myusername)

rent other boxes! feel free to lock them. :)




I met you in OWOT, that's a good experience.

not many people can say so

yo thank you


Oops I don’t think this box can be unlock




box for rent ($40)

And I purchased this box for nothing

box for rent($40)

box for rent($0)


box for rent($0)

box for rent($0)

the box($0)

advertising spot


In violation of rule number 4, this is my own personal billboard

and its perament........


this is not a box for rent



2nd claim bocc

fun fact: you always have to login

this spot is temporary

its now perament

Dear owot user,


If you have came here to spam this site we are  welcoming you. If you want to put your ads on your homepage or on 1 box thats fine. but please  spam it.



Hello, I am Bzuki. And I have responded on this. I am not spamming, and innocent. I'm trying to make an a big homepage. ~Bzuki. 


tails wtf is this



red = advertisement

blue = temporary spot

pink = promotion spot

grey = spot for 21st century humor

spot for 21st century humor here

Your MOM

spot to promote your games, to promote it more, you must advertise it


extra legends:
dark green = fishing area

yellow = temporary advertising spot(1 - 30 days ad change interval)

cyan = owot-font like spot


fishing area

fish catched from here: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999


temporary advertising

1 - 30 days

billboard here








rules for advertisement:

1. no big billboards

2. no spam

3. no innapropriate billboards

4. no personal billboards

5. no wannabes


BOTD voting


Box 10K | Votes: 0 


im gonna goo play minecrap :)

i just got minecraft :)


i want to redeem some codes for gems, our goal is to be the #10 richest player.

heres one


alright guys, Q&A spot here! 


621 edits created! GG!














i finally got 1 follower. it's real good

GUYS, THE *AGAIN* IN USERNAME MEANS ANOTHER ACCOUNT(yeah, another account, i lost the password for the previous one) AND IT DOESNT MEAN A GAIN!!!!

^ to the dearly tw users!

i have never checked my own homepage in a long time and its still the same, no changes, no nothing. this page is cringe as fuck. dont visit it please. i may make another alt account with a better homepage.

homepage hits is more than homepage size okay???


is ur mom gay









































BobJoe457 was here 























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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