This site features an infinitely long collection of square boxes and any of these can be edited.

Click on any box and choose edit to make changes. Scrolling down you will find a very long collection of numbered boxes before you enter infinity.

To get around either scroll downwards for as long as you like, or use the Goto button in the top right to jump to any number.

Using the editor, you may change anything about the text, edit the background colors and add links, tables or lists.

You do not need to create an account to edit boxes, if you are offered a login prompt then the box you have selected is already owned.

Locks and Bids

You may notice that when clicking on a box you are presented with the ability to 'lock' or 'place bid'. Locking a box gives you exclusive rights over it, nobody else may edit it.

You can manage your bids, won auctions and locked boxes in the 'your boxes' section of your account.

Each box falls into one of two groups:

Auction boxes: 1 to 1 million

The first 1 million boxes can only be locked for one week. During this time anyone can place bids for the next week by selecting the box and choosing 'place bid'. Once the time is up, the auction ends and exclusive edit rights are transferred to the highest bidder. The current owner gets an advantage though, only they can place a bid during the final 24 hours - a time called Owner's Chance. If they place a bid during this time they will immedately win the auction. This can be done from the account page.

If you have the high bid on a box, the border and arrow around the 'place bid' button will turn gold.

Lock boxes: over one million

Past the 1 millionth box, every box can be locked permanantly. If you lock one of these boxes you may sell it back for half the amount you locked it for.

All About

The currency of Infinite Homepage is . When you sign up you start with 1,000 and may get more by logging in each day or with promotional codes.

If you wish, you may purchase more using paypal on the addmore page, reached from your account.

You can get 50 more every day by logging in.

Additionally, you can get a lot more by creating things. Send in the box numbers of your creations using the contact form for a generous reward.

Your Account

You may access your account page by clicking your username in the menu after logging in.

In here, you can manage all of the boxes you have bid on, won in auctions or locked permanantly. You can also place bids here, edit your boxes and sell back boxes.

There are three other tabs within your account page that give you total control over your account.

The transactions tab will show you your latest spending history.

The options page will let you change:

Whether the numbers and auto scroll options are turned on by default

The box you wish to start at when you refresh or first load the page.

The number of boxes that load at once, when you first load the page or press Goto

The number boxes added when you scroll to the bottom of the page

The maximum number of boxes your browser will load at once

You can also unhide all of the bids you have hidden in the Your Boxes section.

On the final tab you may verify your email address or change it, or change your password. Once you have verified your email you will need to also verify any requests to change it.

The Control Panel

On the main page, there is a button on the top right of the screen made up of little squares. Click this to open the control panel, which will give you some options to toggle and update you to the latest changes to Infinite Homepage.

The control panel only keeps track of the first 1 million boxes.

You don't need to refresh the page or reopen the control panel, it updates automaticaly.


After a certain point, boxes cease to be properly numbered and the rules change slightly. Boxes may still be locked and edited but the ordering becomes unstructured, if you edit a box then you might never see it again. You'll know when you're there as each box will show the word 'INFINITY' instead of a number. Be warned though, this section is a very long way down.

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