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Infinite homepage montage boxes 1-40000

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Account created since:

10 October 2021


Only 6 days old

(at Oct 16 2021, 10:54AM



I'm in the Hall of Fame already :)4

And also, welcome to my homepage!

I do some random stuff like: expanding landmarks, blanking boxes, etc...

Hint: One of them is 329761.

I usually use 7 per line so yep

Also, be sure to find boxes that said:

"used number generator"

Located in

Box number 1-1M

(auction boxes)

Also, i'm currently 5th the Hall of Fame!


(in richlist lifetime)


However, overtake funnymannotfunny can be a pain. (~28K diff)

Hello, it's me!


Chance to find one of these is: 1 in ~1430

Also, these boxes were edited using "number generator'


Total boxes edited with the word said: "used number generator"

is:approx. 700

(as of Oct 18 2021)

Go below the Rainbow Wall to see my Hall of Fame history!

Go after this border so you can edit there































































Alr guys, we da hall of fame rich list disturbers!




kev got yeeter gg

If you don't know, i'm born in 2010 bruh


anyways, i'm gonna build a color wall here and u can't do anything about it.




LOL===                 [ ] \

              \                      \

                \ ___________  ]

                      I         I 


ima gift you a roflcopter

My Hall of Fame progess:

My Hall of Fame history:


Oct 16 2021: I was in the Rich list of the Hall of Fame!


Oct 17 2021:Overtaked kevkevpurple in the Rich List!


Oct 19 2021: Overtaked Potato and LILMIK3Y in the Rich List! (if they update way more often and accurate in the Hall of Fame).


Oct 21 2021: Overtaked 

SLIKVIK in the Rich List!

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