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What's up gamers, 

AndreiXYZ here with his super epic homepage. Do (almost) everything you want here.


This is where I just have fun and mess around.


🤖Discord: AndreiXYZ#2733


🐦Twitter (Don't worry, I'm not one of THOSE Twitter users.)


【 🟨】OWoT: AndreiXYZ

I don't know what else to put here. I guess deez next boxes will be my sandbox.


🐕 Swag

swag s


💀 * y   

10024509814454352284. A really interesting number. The only thing that makes it interesting is that it's one of my boxes on InfiniteHomepage :troll:

🌻* Howdy!            

     * I'm FLOWEY.   

     * FLOWEY the            FLOWER!         

flowey :spunchbob:

🌆Good evening.


20/01/2022, 20:37 GMT+2


Want to find out how to get more gems on InfiniteHomepage??!?

Well, no worries because I got you!

Step 1: GET A LIFE. 😉

I actually had an account a while ago but seems like I can't remember my password anymore.


Its name was "WilliamAfton". Yes, my cringy old self.




    │ 🐶  * yuo're          

    │ 📦  mother figure





Who the FUCKis          cv 🐶?

      Why does he make           everything

   【 soo fancy?】

      I want to track           his IP right now.

Longest word writable with only "qwertyuiop":



🗺 ← Everybody's location right here.


Bored... SO bored...

🦀Crab Rave







🌴🏖 Life's a beach.


Comic Sans

Courier New



Lucida Sans Unicode

Palatino Linotype


Times New Roman

Trebuchet MS | Verdana

Is my home page interesting? Nope? Okay.


Sub to MrBeast.


Nothing special will happen on 10th March 2022.

Did you know I've been working on this "UNDERTALE TRANSCRIPT"?

Well, I guess you'll find out soon what it really is...

I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.I want to die.

I guess the public space will be on the left of this box and below.


anyWays, whY dOn't we use the treasure hunt for soMethING special?







Cat was hereee




































e do a litle tro


I know where you are hiding.

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