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Welcome to the anti-spam HQ

current goal:delete spam in general

ayo knives gone


we used to fight against the knife king, but when he surrendered i decided to generalize this group.






btw if you’re in this group you can rest for now because there isn’t much spam

Soldiers (delete spam)

Recruiter (paste the link leading to this HQ)

If you’re a recruiter, please use the text to the right

join the anti-spam group here

Maybe possibly new job that won’t be used for now

Maybe possibly new job that won’t be used for now

Please say your name in the following boxes to join (also state your main job)

funnymannotfunny (group creator)



also please make the boxes like this so you can distinguish what boxes are what!

Please read: amogus sucks so if you are related to amogus then application rejected



Write ur name in ur box lol



  • dont edit other peoples boxes
  • be nice 





I’ll lock your boxes for you, by the way.

support anti spam and be great




whatever the hell that means lol









Other Elliot

what does other Elliott mean

Amogus is dead meme so your application was rejected.

MJ age 21 pls lock i wanna join


 amoung us sucks

change my mind (you cant)

A fucker edited the box saying "amoung us awesome" so uh there you go

spam sucks lol

Hey uh guys next time you join state yo main job plez

Someone deleted my application. Now this column is gonna be a forest.


I just looked at the box history, and guess what?  No application.

Then it must have been another box but really I don't care

I'm the better Elliott :) my name has 2 t's in it


reporting of duties,

i will rid the orogin system of knives

i will be a recruiter

Is the job "Recruiter" not just a fancy way of saying "anti-spam spammer"? 



It kinda definitely feels like it is



Sierra ~ Soldier


I just really like deleting things lol


And I mean dang that's a big forest, but still I'm gonna try to prove myself

this is mj i will be a solder and requiter

join the anti-spam group here


Why must you delete everything nice


Placing trees is literraly just free gems for the soldiers.

See, I'm helping you! :)

i hate all of you <3

there are 306 trees and its all spam so help me

Deleting spam in other places and not here is like shooting a zombie a mile away when there is one right next to you.


We need more people if we wanna handle mile away zombies










This isn't spam because box 9299030000002334 clearly

states that there isn't much spam at the moment

[Was a tree] [Is a tree] [Isn't a tree - Sierra x]

[Is a bush][Was a bush]



I’m too tired I’ll let the forest stay




If we all just take down one tree while we're here, the forest won't last very long at all

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?























































...with no friends and nothing fun to do, nature boy


Well guess what, I don't have a life either


What's your name? I'll have to stick to nature boy if you don't tell me.

it can


it was


nooo :(

the only solution to this would be to plant more trees

If you want to plant trees, you could start out in the real world :)


What we're doing to the environment is kinda horrible and there's not enough people working against it. Spread the forest irl :) 














































My name is anonymus I guess because anonymous was already taken


"The moon is always jealous of the heat of day, just as the sun always yearns for something dark and deep."

Yes but I'll still plant trees here


Then why is there no tree on this tile?


Because my trees don't harm written text, you're welcome! :)

Aren't you pretty benevolent compared to a lot of spammers? 





[Written Text]



















I took care of a tree for you btw ^^




























what is the point of this lmaoooaoao

idk maybe just because i'm bored and i told you not to cut down trees

I'm not cutting them down, I'm Thanos snapping them.

Thanos snaps would do something.



















Woodland Warfare is gonna be my evenings now isn't it?


























































A proffessional would have cleared the entire forest top to bottom in one try


A professional would actually have to be someone who does this for a living - as their profession.

A professional would also know how to spell the word x


A professional wouldn't have erased the first half of the square to the left. 


Aw I'm proud of you. You learned something! 

I guess you have a point about erasing. For the record, then - "Is 'professional deforester' worth anything on your qualification record?"























































Please stop, you haven't done anything to the forest




and at this point it's just a pointless grind for

me for about 10 minutes a day to replant.

All your efforts are pointless















































































Okay, this locked shit crosses a line























































Also every time you cut down trees the forest expands





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Thehomepagelucario is responsible for this

He cut down the trees

We could have lived in harmony

You should have said so

But now this place is a forest





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Fun fact this all started with just a column of trees

Because someone deleted my application
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































blocked lol

The trees will overcome this obstacle














































































































































































































































































































































Planting all these trees has taken so long I don't even want to talk about it








































































































































































































































































































































































































































At this point it feels like creating a new wall of Hanz, I'm tired but I'll keep going.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































This forest is bigger than the one at Thicc woods, so please don't cut it down
















































































































































































































































































































































































I left this tree here, but you can't tell