Lets Make a story here





the bookmark is full of cum

Bobby is a boy that can read



then... bobby found a book

then bobby read it.

then he just ate... (add on)

A very special bookmark at page 132

He drank the CUM and

...melted into a puddle of radioactive goop.

And... He Died

BUT he became the HULK but red

Then he was a baby

he then became a democratic superman.

And then he became George W. Bush.

And Bobby Said.. "this is gonna be a good story!"

But to his horror he could not read it, because he had transformed into an IDIOT (Bush)

Then he sucked a babys cock

he proceeded to eat it


But it was really a WMD planted by Saddam. Angered, Bush transformed into...

Radioactive goop. And then Bobby woke up and realized it was all a nightmare.


(Moral of the story: don't drink cum or you will die)

The end



Faildaboution19 made this story with a dozen others thanks for making this an amazing book :)

2nd story time!

Once there were a girl named Vixie. This lady oved burgers and she ate them all day but then


      Add on  --->






unexpected text!

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